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Axminster Parrot Skrúfstykki: 89mm

16.850 kr.
Frá Axminster í Bretlandi. Kjaftar opnast mest 127mm - Breidd: 89mm - Dýpt: 57mm - Snýst 360° í allar áttir. Sjá nánar frá framleiðanda:
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Axminster Trade Clamps Forged Quick Leve

9.987 kr.
  • All steel construction
  • Spigot 12 mm wide, 7.4 mm thick, 60mm long
  • Fits many extruded guide rails
  • Rapid adjustment ratchet mechanism
  • Unaffected by vibration from power tools
  • Check size will fit before ordering
  • Maximum clamping pressure - 170Kg
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GRS Bench pin kit

15.850 kr.
platti og festing eins og á mynd. ath. festingin á borðið til að halda þessu er seld sér (enda er
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GRS BenchMate Encore QC

98.500 kr.
grunnsett – basic kit Work is held steadily in place yet easily repositionable to accommodate a range of techniques and
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GRS beygjuvél

43.450 kr.
Easily shape “C” style bracelets with the GRS Bracelet Former. Form flat strips of metal to a perfect “C” shape after engraving the design. The die cup contains a soft alloy material that supports pressure from the die, but does not distort engraved work. The die cup material can be reformed by heating, when necessary.
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GRS festiplata framaná borð

9.790 kr.

For use with shelving, BenchMate, and Multi-Purpose Vise Systems.

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GRS festisett 30stk.

33.493 kr.
With a variety of pins that fit the upper jaw plates of every GRS Block, users can now instantly solve workholding problems and start working sooner. Includes 4 one-half Thermo-Loc sticks, 8 small pins, 4 flat square pins, 2 rectangular inset-curve pins, 4 thick round inset pins, 8 rubber-coated pins, and 2 leather-faced ring clamp pins in moulded base.
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GRS fjölnota skrúfstykki

48.500 kr.

The Multi-Purpose Vise uses the versatile “lift on/lift off” BenchMate mounting system. Unlike other bench vises, the Multi-Purpose Vise adjusts to any angle because it tilts and rotates on two axes. Workpieces adjust with the user, adding comfort and efficiency to the bench setup. It is precision made from steel for rugged dependability.

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GRS grafkúla mini

85.848 kr.

Designed for a unique combination of solid work support in a small and maneuverable size, the MicroBlock has a self-centering jaw system made for stone setting, small engravings, and other precision work. The internal rotational brake system lets the user choose the amount of rotational resistance from free to locked. Its low profile is suited for microscope work.

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GRS grafkúla Standard 9,5kg

209.697 kr.

This vise is an economical choice that fills the need of many engravers and craftsmen. With a double-ball bearing system for smooth rotation without wear or looseness, the Standard Block combines outstanding quality with value for workholding.

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GRS hæðarstilliplata á borð

20.850 kr.

Allows an additional 101.6 mm to work support. Adjustable in 12.7 mm increments.

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GRS pitch skál

9.470 kr.

The PitchCup is filled with a special material that softens when heated to hold small, fragile, or irregular pieces for engraving, setting, and finishing. Fits any vise, engraving block, or BenchMate Workholding System.

Diameter: 50.8 mm.

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