Souber DBB Mortice Lock Fitting Jig

48.950 kr.
  • Jig to accurately cut mortices and faceplates using your power drill
  • Fast and accurate on doors from 30mm - 55mm thick
  • Can cut door hinges and also some strike plates and electric releases

Pocket hole kit MINI

24.850 kr.
  • Speeds up the making of a pocket hole joint
  • Two tough injection-moulded mini jigs link together
  • Unique modular design with hardened steel guide bushes

UJK Pocket Hole Drill Bit – Hex Shank

7.680 kr.
  • Suitable for UJK, Trend and Kreg pocket hole jigs
  • Parabolic flute design, speeds production
  • High performance drill bit for fast, clean results

Pocket hole stakur

7.260 kr.
  • Portable jig, ideal for site or confined spaces
  • Unique modular design for linking two jigs together
  • Tough injection moulding, hardened steel guide bush


760 kr.1.140 kr.

Bólurnar miðjusetja boruð göt

4 stk. í pakka

til í 6, 8 og 10mm 

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