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Þvinga G-clamp Djúp

15.529 kr.
  • Large throat capacity, long reach
  • Forged, spring-tempered steel, immensely strong
  • Unbreakable even if dropped on the workshop floor
  • Nickel and chrome plated for protection against corrosion
  • Machined and hardened Acme thread
  • Fast adjustment, high loading capacity
  • 75 x 125mm - 600kg max clamping pressure
  • 125 x 200mm - 700kg max clamping pressure
  • 150 x 250mm - 800kg max clamping pressure
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Þvinga samsíða 100mm

3.980 kr.
  • Designed for maximum strength and rigidity
  • Useful for holding smll parts together for drilling, tapping ect
  • Made from steel with hardened, ground jaws
  • Very high holding strength
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