Leðurbrýni tvöfalt Bogið m.massa

8.770 kr.
  • Unique Stropping Solution for Hook Knives & Gouges
  • Easy to Use – Tutorial Included
  • One Side is Leather, One is Sandpaper
  • Green-gray Compound & Two Sheets of Spare Sandpaper Included
  • Weight - 0.4 kg

Leðurbrýni tvöfalt/hald m.massa

7.850 kr.
  • Surface – cowhide leather
  • Length of the leather part – 240 mm (9.45 inches)
  • Total length – 370 mm (14.57 inches)
  • Total width – 50 mm (1.97 inches)
  • Base material – Ashwood
  • Weight – 0.03 kg

Tandy Leðurmarkari: 3 hjól

5.091 kr.
Til að marka í leður. Kemur með 3 hjólum: 5, 6 og 7 holur á tommu. Sjá nánar frá framleiðanda:

Leðurlitur svartlur 40ml

1.650 kr.

Leather's Choice leather dye is made on an alcohol basis and can be used to dye leather with an open grain. It can be easily applied in several coats to produce a deeper and more intense colour, and it is also possible to gloss the leather if a glossy finish is desired. If you want a colour that is less intense, the colour can be diluted with water or with leather dye thinner from Leather's Choice. The leather dye can be used on leather, wood and much more, and it penetrates really well into the various materials.