Límstifti 11mm Kristal 1Kg.

7.650 kr.

Steinel - 250mm - 40STK.

Transparent adhesive. For invisible bonds, clear craft glue, virtually non-drip. For Gluematic 5000, Gluematic 3002 & Gluefix.

Límstifti 11mm Ultra 250gr

2.980 kr.
Steinel - 250mm lengd

Límstifti 7mm Ultra 240gr

2.670 kr.
Power adhesive. 7 mm Ø ULTRA Power glue sticks, for glueing a variety of materials, particularly strong all-purpose adhesive. For cordless hot-melt glue applicators neo1 and neo2.

Proxxon Límbyssu Stautar: 12stk

890 kr.
Passa í HKP 220 límbyssuna frá Proxxon - Lengd: 100mm - Magn: 12stk - Þykkt: 7mm