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Hitabyssa HG2320E

34.600 kr.

Digitally controlled precision.

Fits perfectly in your hand and a real pleasure to use: the HG 2320 E comes with an impressive 2300 W of power and delivers hot air at between 80 – 650 °C. Temperature is very easy to control by the joystick, giving you absolute precision. Together with the residual heat indicator, the LCD information display ensures additional certainty while the four individually selectable programmes provide extra flexibility. In conjunction with the various push-on nozzles from the range of accessories, the HG 2320 E is an excellent choice for working on heat-sensitive objects. Also from the aspect of servicing: if the power cord ever gets damaged, it can be changed with effortless ease

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Hitabyssa HG2420 E

47.895 kr.

Reliability for all demands. Electronically controlled HG 2420 E hot air tool. 2200 W, infinitely variable temperature setting from 80 – 650 °C in 9 steps by thumbwheel. Airflow regulation in 2 stages from 150l/min to 400l/min. Suitable for construction site use, integrated fine dust filter. Outlet nozzle suitable for screw-on Professional nozzles.

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Hitabyssa HG2620 E

74.020 kr.

Ideal for the trades and industry. Our flagship.

For everyone settling for nothing but the best when it comes to performance and precision: Delivering 2300 W of power, the HG 2620 E hot air tool is easily controlled by joystick in exact 10 °C steps between 50 – 700 °C while letting you set 4 individually tailored programmes. The temperature is indicated on the LCD information display where it is easy to read at any time. Infinitely varying the airflow rate between 150 – 500 l/min is just as easy. At full air-pressure power of 4,000 Pa. The powerful brushless motor rewards our flagship tool a working life of over 10,000 hours. Thanks to its particularly robust design as well as the specially protected electronics with fine dust filter, 4 individually selectable programmes and the heavy-duty H07 power cord, it is the safe, dependable helper on any construction site. In short: the best hot air tool we have ever developed.

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Hitabyssa HL2020 E CASE

28.666 kr.
  • he HL 2020 E hot air tool is extremely robust and lasts a good 20% longer than its predecessor. Delivery in carboard box
  • With impressive 2200 Watt of power you can adjust the temperature from 80 °C to 630 °C in 10 °C step by joystick
  • The residual heat indicator warns the user that the delivery nozzle is still hot even long after the tool has been unplugged
  • Depending on the workpiece there are two temperature settings to choose from: 300 ° and 500 °C
  • The airflow rate of the heat gun is adjustable in three stages (150 / 150-300 / 300-500 l/min.)
  • The tool immediately responds to heat build-up by indicating a warning triangle on the display
  • The HL 2020 is the perfect hot air tool for shaping, desoldering printed circuit boards, welding plastics, drying filler, shrinking on cable sleeves, soldering pipes and other jobs
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Hitabyssustútur 10mm

6.596 kr.

Hitabyssustútur á Professional hitabyssur frá STeinel  - týpur 2420 til  2460

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