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Hefill no.60-1/2 Rider

27.890 kr.
  • One of the most useful planes in anyone’s kit
  • Solid polished bronze cap gives a little extra heft and comfort
  • Micro-adjustable depth of cut, O1 high carbon steel blade
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Hefill no.9-1/2 Rider

33.600 kr.
  • A real workhorse, indispensable for many trimming jobs
  • Cast and polished solid bronze cap, adds weight and feel
  • Accurately machined cast iron body, solid brass fittings,
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Hefill Rider No. 62

48.790 kr.
  • Blade bedded at 12° with bevel-up, superior finish on end grain
  • Ideal plane to use on a shooting board
  • 5mm thick high carbon steel blade eliminates chatter
  • Adjustable mouth for control in either light or heavy cuts
  • Ductile cast iron alloy body, brass lever cap, smooth wooden handles
  • Supplied with a spare blade and a plane sock
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