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Bútjárn 1/16″ CT

9.985 kr.
  • Parting Tools are used for cutting through or forming shoulders
  • The HCT089 is a popular starter tool.
  • Made from M2 Steel
  • Handle - Beech
  • Width - 1/16"
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Bútjárn 1/8″ CT

12.260 kr.
The parting tools listed are the traditional type and are used to part off a project from waste section, and can be used for making depth references along a spindle.

The beading & parting tools can perform all of the standard parting tool tasks, there  square section steel make them very rigid and ideally suited for producing beads and spigots.
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Bútjárn 1/8″ Diamond CT

15.890 kr.

Wood turning essentially boils down to 2 types: turning between the centers in which we can make pens, spindles, legs and poles and turning on the headstock where we can do bowls, boxes, burls and platters. Thus, the choice of turning chisels will vary depending on the type you would like to do.

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