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UJK 20mm bor m.stopper

14.850 kr.
  • Replacement cutter for the UJK Parf Guide System
  • Distinctive design ensures an exceptionally clean hole
  • Tungsten carbide tips for a long lasting working life

Rímari f stólasmíði

13.726 kr.

Designed for use in a hand brace, our pro reamer offers excellent control and good cutting capability for general woodworking. It is particularly useful for tapering through holes where you want to be able to wedge tenons, such as in chair construction.

UJK rýmari champer

7.950 kr.
  • Suitable for use on the Festool MFT/3 table and others
  • Designed in conjunction with the Super Dog
  • Allows full use of the Super Dog and its stop collar

Fræsitönn f. T-þvingur

5.070 kr.

Key Features

  • Use to cut a T-slot in a workbench or an assembly table
  • Enables use of guide rail clamps as hold-downs
  • Produce custom-made guide rails in hardwood
  • Cut a T-Slots in nylon for home-made
  • High shear-cut angle for cleaner finish
  • PTFE coating helps minimise resin build-up
  • 1/2" shank