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Rennibekkur AWSL


Axminster rennibekkur - góður byrjendabekkur. 5 hraðar - reimskiptin 760-3200 Mótor 0,5hp HÆgt að lengja bekkinn. Allir fá sér rennipatrónu á bekkinn nr. 504546 og kjafta nr.410163
Vara: 501245
Verð: 78.499 Kr.
Á lager: 999


  • 5 spindle speeds, 760-3,200 rpm
  • 240mm diameter turning capacity, 440mm between centres
  • Headstock, bed and tailstock constructed of heavy cast iron
  • 375W 1ph 230V smooth running induction motor
  • Bed extension available as an option
  • Supplied with drive centre, revolving tailstock centre, 75mm diameter faceplate


A small hobby lathe with five spindle speeds, 240mm diameter turning capacity and 440mm between centres. Well suited to the newcomer to turning who has a limited budget available and only space enough for a small lathe. The headstock, bed and tailstock are constructed of heavy cast iron whilst the 375W induction motor has more than enough power for the type of projects likely to be produced on a lathe of this size. The five spindle speeds give a useful range of between 760-3,200rpm. Both the headstock spindle and tailstock barrel are bored to take 2MT accessories, with the spindle having the common 1" x 8tpi thread. An extension bed is available to provide up to 965mm between centres, for a standard lamp or chair legs perhaps? The tailstock also has a hollow barrel to enable long hole boring. Supplied with Axminster drive and revolving tailstock centres, 75mm diameter faceplate and 150mm tool rest. 
N.B. The distance between centres will vary and be dependent on the type of centres or accessories used.