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Bandsög HBS205N


Axminster bandsög hobby Nett sög á borð eða stand. Sögunarhæð max 200mm Hentar vel í nett verkefni sem hæfa stærð vélarinnar.
Vara: 508203
Verð: 62.978 Kr.
Á lager: 999

A small bench top bandsaw for light tasks in compact hobby workshops All steel welded chassis for high strength, with a ground, cast iron table Good capacities with 80mm depth and 200mm width of cut Rigid rip fence with cam type locking, stays in place for accurate cutting Table tilt and cutting height easily adjusted to suit the task Small dust extraction port to help keep your workshop clean Description The HBS205N is a decent bench top bandsaw, perfectly suited to the hobby woodworker who creates small projects. It may be small but, like its big brothers, it is made from fabricated, welded steel and has a cast iron table. This means it is unusually strong for such a small machine. Also, just like the bigger Hobby machines, it has a rigid rip fence and balanced, cast alloy wheels. Blade guides are fitted both above and below the table for accurate blade control. The table is easily adjusted for tilt up to 45° and the depth of cut is also easily set. A small mitre fence is included. The dust extraction port works well when connected to a small vacuum extractor. The 250W motor directly drives the bottom wheel, so no drive belts to worry about. This bandsaw is not short on features, it's just small. Just right for the compact workshop.