Karfan þín er tóm.
Borðsög TS-200 standard


Frá Axminster Englandi - Lítil og nett borðsög - 1100W mótor sem er mjög hljóðlátur - Mikið tork í henni þegar sagað er - Mjög áreiðanleg sög - Fylgihlutir: Borð, hliðarsleði, framlenging og standur.
Vara: 501242
Verð: 98.751 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Key Features 1,100W 230V 1ph induction motor, quiet and smooth running Cast iron table with a ground surface with rip fence and mitre fence Supplied with 32 tooth Axcaliber TCT general purpose blade Offers up to 58mm depth of cut at 90° Smooth operating controls for blade tilt and depth setting Available as a table saw only (with options available) or as a complete kit with options included Description A nicely made, small table saw, perfect for use at home. Unusually powered by a 1,100W induction motor which is extremely quiet in use. This motor gives a high cutting torque, smooth running and is very reliable. A cast iron table with a finely ground surface is fitted, which gives stability and accuracy. The 200mm TCT blade gives a maximum cutting depth of 58mm, enough for most small furniture or garden projects. Easily operated controls allow the blade height and tilt to be set quickly and accurately. The standard version table saw can be bench mounted and is supplied with a rip fence, mitre fence and dust extraction hoses. Supplied with a 32 tooth Axcaliber TCT general purpose blade. You can choose from a selection of optional extras: a leg stand, right hand extension table kit and a comprehensive cast iron sliding table, complete with a large mitre fence and work clamp. This is an accurate, smooth performing saw, ideal for small furniture projects, model making or around the home. There is also a complete kit version that includes all of the above at a moderate saving of cost.