Karfan þín er tóm.
Beadalon Nálar- Collaps Auga - 4stk


Frá Beadalon í USA - Fínar nálar - 4 stk - 6,2cm langar - Sveigjanlegar.
Vara: 700F-102
Verð: 515 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Beadalon 700F-102 Collapsible Eye Needles, 2.5 Inch, Fine, 4 Pack
Collapsible Eye Needles are flexible and are particularly nice for stringing beads that have very small holes. Extra-spring Wire is kink-resistant and has a specially designed eye that automatically collapses and instantly reshapes when it is pulled through thebead. The large eye is easy to thread and accommodates many sizes of cord. Five-inch length makes stringing beads easier, and the 2 1/2î needles are great for seed bead projects.