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Chasing Medium: Grænt - 100gr


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Vara: 118260
Verð: 3.649 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Medium Green Chaser's Pitch


This pine resin-based medium chaser's pitch is a favorite of our in-house Tech Team! Suitable for most metal chasing and repoussé projects, this pitch warms and softens easily with a heat gun or torch to obtain good relief in your design and it will also firm up nicely for planishing and chasing work. You’ll see great adhesion to the metal while you are working on it, but also an easy release of your metal with just a little heat from a heat gun or torch. Leaves minimal pitch residue. When properly warmed or melted, this pitch will give off little or no smoke and odor. It melts consistently at a low temperature without bubbling or puddling, yet cools quickly, minimizing burn risks. Free of petroleum or animal products.
Color: Green
Size: 5 lbs.
Country of origin: USA