Karfan þín er tóm.

Axminster Þykktarhefill: 33cm


33cm breidd og 15cm hámarks dýpt á skurði - 2 hraðar - 1800W mótor.
Vara: 210659

Flokkur: Vélar
Vörumerki Axminster
Verðbil 50-100 Þúsund
Áhugasvið Trésmíði
Nýtt -
Sett-Lausnir -
Verð: 168.500 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Sjá nánari upplýsingar frá framleiðanda:1,800W motor with overload protection 330mm width of cut 150mm maximum depth 4 & 6 m/min feed speeds Digital height read-out Cutter head lock facility for rigid control Generous folding infeed/outfeed tables with rollersThis is a new design and is a substantial upgrade from many others on the market. The 2 speed feed rate coupled with the high speed cutter block results in 4,000 cuts/metre in speed 1, giving a superb finish on all good timbers. Or you can use the second speed for rapid material removal. Accuracy of the cut is ensured by a cutter head lock system, preventing movement under load even with a heavy cut. The additional refinement of a digital read-out of the cutting height provides an accurate measurement of the finished timber, or it can be used to measure the cut being taken each time. The folding infeed/outfeed tables are of a generous size, have support rollers and are adjustable to the table, helping to prevent sniping. Additional roller stands are recommended when machining long boards. Chip extraction is via a 65/100mm adaptor outlet and so will fit almost all extractors without requiring additional parts. With a maximum timber capacity of 330 x 150mm and a minimum timber thickness of 5mm this machine will handle a considerable variety of timbers. This machine can be bench mounted or floor mounted using the included floor stand. Substantially built but still portable, this new design takes this type of machine to a new level of performance and should appeal to the more serious user in a small workshop.