Karfan þín er tóm.

Pfeil Tveggja Handa: 140mm


340 gr - 140mm
Verð: 11.768 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Often referred to as an inshave, the two handed scorp is used mainly for hollowing out large areas and shaping the seats of wooden chairs. A popular choice of tool with the chair and furniture maker, the two handed scorp has a 140mm wide blade and is an extremely efficient method of hollowing out non uniform shapes. Made in Switzerland, the blade is forged from K720 steel, a variety of chrome vanadium steel that is both highly durable and capable of taking a razor sharp edge. The blade has two, turned and contoured solid cherry handles that offer the firm grip required of a tool that cuts on the pull stroke. This scorp is supplied honed and ready for use. ©