Karfan þín er tóm.

Pfeil Draghnífur


Hreinsa börk og annarð efni vel og fljótlega. Heildarlengd 29cm og blaðlengd er 11cm - er brýnt og tilbúið í vinnu. Sjá nánar frá framleiðanda:
Vara: ZUGG
Verð: 7.194 Kr.
Á lager: 999

These drawshaves are precision machined from the best alloy tool steel. Each drawshave is contoured to give optimum and precise control when shaping blanks or making critical final cuts. The cherry handles are individually hand turned and feature a recess to prevent slip. Sharpened ready for use, the single bevel cutting edge shears wood effortlessly and can be quickly sharpened and honed when necessary. Ample finger space around blades allows for comfortable operation and for safe holding during use. The straight drawshave has an overall length of 310mm with a 120mm cutting edge. The curved drawshave has an overall length of 290mm with a 110mm cutting edge. The large curved drawshave has an overall length of 430mm with a 240mm cutting edge and includes a leather sheath.