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ArbortechTurboKit Mini


Nýtt frá Arbortech Flott fyrir skúlptúr, tálgun og formun á skálum og krúsum. Karbiðtennur skiptanlegar og vinnur ótrúlega á harðvið.
Vara: 504544
Verð: 34.801 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Will fit the Arbortech mini carver and most 4" or 4.1/2" angle grinders Replaceable and rotatable teeth can be resharpened Smooth fast cutting action Can be run against a template for accuracy Description The Arbortech Mini TURBO™ kit is a revolution in wood sculpting. This unique tool is designed to fit the Arbortech Mini Carver™ and most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders using the supplied extension adaptor. The blade is precision machined from high quality steel and fitted with two tungsten carbide teeth. The cutting teeth are rotatable, resharpenable and replaceable but it may be some time before replacements are required. This unique tool is great to use freehand or with guides and templates for accurate repeatable shaping. The comprehensive kit includes the Mini TURBO™ blade, extension adaptor, brass M10 - M14 threaded adaptor, 4 assorted sanding discs, fixing screws and washers plus torx and hex drive keys.