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Axminster Sambyggð Trésmíðavél: AWC4


Axminster AWC4 4 function trésmíðavél - Sög - Þykktarhefill - Planari og Spindill - Þrír sjálfstæðir mótorar - 250mm TCT sagarblað með 80mm skurði - Þriggja hnífa planari/þykktarhefill - Þrír hraðar á spindli. Sjá nánar neðar.
Vara: 501249
Verð: 795.000 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Axminster Hobby Series AWC4 250mm Deluxe Combination Machine

  • 4 function machine: sawing, spindle moulding, surface planing and thicknessing
  • 3 independent motors, simply switch on the function you need to use
  • 250mm Axcaliber TCT main saw with 80mm scoring blade
  • 3 knife planer/thicknessing block, 3 speed spindle moulder function
  • All cast iron tables, cast iron fence for surfacing
  • Saw rip fence with micro adjustment facility
  • Wheel kit allows easy movement around the workshop
  • User Manual: http://www.axminster.co.uk/media/downloads/501249_manual.pdf

A well designed and built four function machine offering all the performance and capacities that the keen home woodworker requires. This machine is built around a rugged steel chassis with all cast iron tables, ground to a fine finish, with quite a bit of thought given to making each function easy to use. The 250mm diameter TCT saw blade offers 65mm maximum depth of cut and features a scoring blade for coated boards. The smooth running 1,200 x 120mm aluminium sliding table is fitted with a cross-cut frame that can be positioned where required along the table plus a fence rail that extends out to 2,000mm. The sliding table is adjustable for height and parallel running to the blade. A work clamp and board edge shoe are provided. The rip fence is made of deep section aluminium extrusion and has a micro adjustment facility. A 100mm dust outlet with a crown guard extraction point is fitted. The spindle moulder has three speeds and has a 30mm spindle with a travel of 130mm and a maximum tooling diameter of 140mm. The spindle cutter guards have large alloy fences, adjustable for depth of cut and cutter slot gap. Sprung hold down clamps are also provided. A 100mm chip outlet allows good extraction with a suitable extractor. The planer/thicknesser offers 250mm surfacing and 250mm x 180mm thicknessing capacities. The planing tables are 1,050mm long and hinge out of the way for the thicknessing function. Excellent chip extraction is provided for with a pivoting extraction chute with a 100mm outlet. A separate control lever operates the feed rollers giving a feed speed of 8m/min, this coupled with the three bladed cutter block gives a very clean finish to the work. A simple-to-use switching system controls each function in a safe manner with separate emergency stops and main circuit NVR protection. A mobility kit is provided to make it easy to move this machine around the workshop. This is an excellent machine for those whose workshops are tight for space and it presents very few of the compromises that some combination machines suffer from. N.B. 16A supply required.