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Axminster Hefill: TH410


Axminster hefill - 410mm breidd. Sjá nánar neðar.
Vara: 501206
Verð: 314.986 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Axminster Trade Series TH410 410mm Thicknesser

  • Compact space saving design with robust cast iron body
  • Large cast iron thicknesser table, heavy gauge sheet steel base
  • Three-knife cutter block runs at 5300rpm, variable speed feed rate
  • 2.75kW 230V 1ph induction motor
  • Integrated dust hood/cutter block guard with safety interlock switch
  • Sound deadening to reduce noise

This is a stand-alone thicknesser with a very useful capacity but of compact design. Quite substantially manufactured and amply powered by a 2.75kW industrial quality motor, this is a very useful machine to have in any workshop. Able to produce a very high quality finish due to the speed of the knife block and the variable speed feed rate giving 5-7m/min feed speeds. The large cast iron thicknessing table features a central column with a locking mechanism to prevent any movement. With a maximum capacity of 410 x 225mm but able to take workpieces down to 6mm thick and only 200mm long, a wide variety of work can be undertaken. A great machine for floorboard and frame manufacturing. An optional digital height read-out allows accurate timber sizing. NB Requires 16A supply.