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Festool Kapex Hjólsög: KS120 EB


Mjög nákvæm og góð hjólsög frá Festool með tvöfalt laser línu kerfi - 1600W mótor með hraðastilli frá 1400-3400 rpm - Mjúkt start, jafn hraði, ofreynslu vörn og brbemsuð. Sjá nánar neðar.
Vara: 561283
Verð: 296.500 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Festool KAPEX KS 120 EB Compound Slide Mitre Saw

  • Double laser line for true kerf of the saw blade
  • Fixed double bars for the saw unit to traverse for improved precision and elimination of rear overhang
  • Unique transfer of angles with the bevel gauge included
  • Special cutting position for cornice and skirting board up to 120mm deep and maximum cut of 168mm for cornice / crown moulding with the optional stop
  • Accurate trenching cuts are made quickly and with stepless adjustment
  • 260mm blade with Festool Fastfix lock system to prevent accidental powering up when blade changing
  • Compound and mitre angles set quickly and accurately with easy to read scales on both hands
  • 1,600W motor - variable speed 1,400 to 3,400 rpm - soft start, constant speed, overload protection and braked

Compact, lightweight (21.5kg), but with a massive bite that's the new Festool mitre saw Kapex KS 120. In common with the Festool ethos this machine is built for the professional who demands quality and accuracy without compromise. Festool have taken the concept of the slide compound mitre saw and redesigned it into a compact, portable machine with masses of well thought out features to enhance ease and accuracy of work. The main casting provides a firm foundation to support the twin bars which the saw unit travels on and give the saw its supreme accuracy and solid feel in operation. The Machine is supplied with a 60 tooth blade (2.5mm kerf), adjustable bevel and work clamp.