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Axminster Þykktarhefill/Afréttari: AW128PT


Frá Axminster Englandi - Borð úr steypujárni - 2,2kW/240V mótor - Fjögurra hnífa skerblokk með HSS brýnanlegum hnífum gefur frábæra áferð - Lengri en aðrir þykktarheflar -Gefur betri stuðning við löng verkefni - Stærri útgáfa af AW106PT vélinni(600818).
Vara: 211970

Flokkur: Vélar
Vörumerki Axminster
Verðbil 200-500 Þúsund
Áhugasvið Trésmíði
Nýtt -
Sett-Lausnir -
Verð: 399.806 Kr.
Á lager: 999

Axminster AW128PT Planer Thicknesser

  • Finely ground cast iron tables 
  • 2.2kW motor 
  • Roller extensions to the thicknessing table 
  • 8m/min thicknessing feed drive 
  • Four HSS resharpenable knives 
  • Efficient dust extraction 
  • Long alloy extrusion surfacing fence

A larger than usual trade rated planer thicknesser with ground cast iron tables that are heavily webbed underneath and somewhat longer than usual, giving great support on long workpieces. Being a larger version of our very successful AW106PT, it shares the same features to create an easy to use and accurate machine. A 2.2kW 1ph 240V motor drives a four knife cutter block giving an excellent finish, aided by the 8 metre per minute feed speed on the thicknessing mode. Conversion from surface planing to thicknessing is an easy and tool free operation, the tables simply swinging out of the way and the safety interlocked dust chute hinging around to above the cutter block. Although some room has to be allowed for the tables, the ability to see exactly what is happening whilst thicknessing is invaluable. Switch control gear is placed at each end of the machine for convenient operation. The four knife cutter block has re-sharpenable HSS blades and is easily re-set with the included jig. The combination of the vibration damping mass of the machine plus the four knife cutter block results in a very clean finish. A useful additional accessory is the Slot Mortice attachment. Producing slots up to 16mm may negate the purchase of a separate morticing machine. This machine will give great results in a busy trade workshop. N.B. Requires 16 Amp supply.